Going to Hogwarts today k bi


Why are you leaking nudes when you could leak the Mockingjay trailer?


Teachers be like ….


#me in class when i get the answer wrong

charmed appreciation week • day one: favourite character

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Some fan theories are a bit TOO good. When you’re reading them it feels like you’re reading a spoiler..

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I’m still amazed that this image got nearly 120K notes. Well, I’m glad to help out the artist since she doesn’t use social media, so here’s the full version. :)

The Queen on Fire, by Rika Chan.

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I love pirates because they have no concept on albeism. oh you have no leg? here have a peg leg. no hand?? well guess we gotta put a hook on that, give those sons of bitches a surprise. Blind in one eye, put an eyepatch on no one fucking cares, youre deaf??? go man the canons you glorious bastard.They dont care if youre disabled bcus as long as you can fuck shit up they literally dont fucking care.

I just came back from watching The Maze Runner.

And if I could sum it up in one word it would be TENSE. 

I read the book a long time ago so I was a bit fuzzy on details, but I walked out of that blown away. The director did an amazing job keeping it suspenseful. Kind of wish he would’ve directed the Hunger Games as well.